Amazon Editor Weekend Deals

I'm a Shopping Editor, and These Are 5 Amazon Deals I'm Adding to My Cart This Weekend

Including a best-selling $8 t-shirt and supermodel-inspired cushy slides.
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After a couple of 60-degree days in New York City, I've got major spring fever. Whenever a new season is on the way (22 days until the spring equinox, people!), I always realize I'm somehow missing an important wardrobe staple for the incoming weather change — and in this case, it's a plain ol' white t-shirt.

So for this weekend's Amazon deal hunting, I scoured the site for an that looks good and isn't see-through. (Which somehow is a lot to ask of a white tee.) Along the way, I came across some other discounted goodies that I knew I had to have, like to get on the supermodel-approved trend and .

Below, shop the five Amazon deals I'm adding to my cart this weekend, including the $8 t-shirt that more than 24,300 people love:
  • $8 (Originally $16)
  • , $23–$25 (Originally $28) 
  • , $10 (Originally $14)
  • , $35 (Originally $50)
  • , $17–$21 (Originally $25)

Hanes Perfect-T Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Credit: Courtesy
I know a white t-shirt can transcend any season, but for me it screams spring. It's the perfect top to wear with a pair of wide-leg slacks or a slip skirt. I haven't come across a white tee that I love yet; that's partly because the "good" ones out there are pretty pricey, and I just can't bring myself to cough up more than $15 for something so simple. Fortunately, Hanes' Perfect T is half off right now, so I'm snagging it for eight bucks while I can — customers said it's "breathable," "very soft," "completely opaque," and "just like" a t-shirt you'd find at Gap. (Note that the discount varies for other colors.)

Shop now: $8 (Originally $16);

Bronax Cloud Slippers

Credit: Courtesy
I always joke with my friends that I like to hop on trends five years later. In this case, it's about a year later, but I'm finally going to try these cushy pool slides that were in my Instagram feed for months in 2021. I've looked at them for so long that I don't consider them "ugly" anymore — plus, Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid have all worn some version of pool slides, so they're obviously cool. The Bronax slides are best-sellers and come in quite a few fun colors; I'm leaning towards the beige and olive green.

Shop now: $23–$25 (Originally $28);

NYX Professional Total Control Pro Drop Foundation

Credit: Courtesy
NYX is one of my go-to drugstore brands when I have a beauty itch I need to scratch because its products are affordable and I'm rarely disappointed in them. I've been cart-flirting some of its new launches, like and , but the Total Control Pro Drop Foundation has caught my eye, too. The concealer drops and have amassed 12,000+ reviews across online retailers. Amazon shoppers said the customizable foundation offers "great coverage" and goes on "smooth and silky." Discounts vary depending on your preferred shade, but you can snag a bottle for as low as $10 right now.

Shop now: $10 (Originally $14);

Miholl Corduroy Long Sleeve Button Down

button down shirt
Credit: Courtesy
I'm trying to build out my wardrobe with fun pieces that'll look good on their own and don't require a lot of effort on my part, so this colorblocked corduroy button-down seemed like a no-brainer to snag while it's on sale. I like that I can wear it as a shacket or as a top, and many customers said it's cute, lightweight, and softer than traditional corduroy.

Shop now: $35 (Originally $50);

Mangopop Scoop Neck Bodysuit

Credit: Courtesy

I've said it before and I'll say it again — do not sleep on this bodysuit! This is one of the most equally comfortable and flattering basics I own. It's been great for layering during the winter, but it's actually pretty lightweight, so it also makes the perfect top on a cool spring day. The scoop neck is really pretty and shows just the right amount of cleavage. I only own it in black so I'm thinking of getting it in brown and trying out the short sleeve version, too.

Shop now: $17–$21 (Originally $25);

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